Storytelling programs

Standard Storytelling Programs include:

The Land of Dragon Riders

Hungarian folktales, legends and stories for children. These tales take you a journey halfway around the world and far into the past; up and down the World Tree, and beyond the Ocean of Tales. Here be dragons. Lots of them.

Dancing on Blades

Hungarian folktales for adult audiences. These tales and legends allow us a glimpse into times long gone; they tell us magic, faith, love, bravery and voyages into other worlds. Hungary is the world of noble fae, haunted castles, legendary knighst and many battles. The stories bring these almost-forgotten images alive…

The girl who dances with the wind

A magical collection of tales from a talented Hungarian storyteller who lived a hundred years ago. Folktales about people walking on clouds, fairies turning mortal, trees that have their own king – the stories of Pályuk Anna are filled to the brim with miracles, humanity, and the melody of words.

The Dragon Prince

Love stories that may seem strange, even within the world of fairy tales. They are special, surprising, sometimes even funny or downright weird; they show you that unrequited love does not necessarily lead to tragedy…